Welcome to the Laureates Academy for Gifted Students’ website! Here at Laureates Academy, we are guided by a fundamental belief: the transformative power of ignited curiosity. We recognize the boundless potential within each student – a wellspring of intellectual yearning waiting to be nurtured. Our mission transcends the walls of a traditional classroom, fostering a vibrant learning environment that cultivates intellectual growth, emotional well-being, social engagement, and physical development. We embrace a holistic philosophy of education, recognizing that gifted students thrive on individualized challenges and personalized learning experiences.

Our innovative curriculum draws inspiration from various pedagogical approaches. Inspired by Constructivism, we encourage students to actively construct knowledge through exploration and hands-on activities. Furthermore, we champion differentiation, tailoring instruction to cater to individual needs and learning styles. This commitment manifests in the form of advanced materials, independent study projects, and enriching activities designed to keep students intellectually stimulated and engaged.

The Laureates Academy experience extends far beyond the realm of traditional academics.  We acknowledge the critical role of social-emotional well-being in the lives of gifted students. Dedicated programs equip them with the tools to navigate social situations effectively, foster positive relationships, and flourish within a collaborative world.  Furthermore, our integrated STEAM program seamlessly weaves together Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, fostering not only critical thinking skills but also artistic expression.

The success of our graduates serves as a powerful testament to our educational philosophy.  Consistently gaining admission to top universities, excelling in their chosen fields, and emerging as future leaders who make a positive impact on the world – these achievements reflect the transformative education offered at Laureates Academy.

We invite you to embark on a journey of discovery and explore the Laureates Academy difference.  Schedule a visit to experience firsthand the dynamic learning environment we have cultivated.  If your child demonstrates exceptional abilities and a passion for learning, we believe Laureates Academy could be the ideal catalyst to ignite their curiosity and empower them to reach their full potential.  We look forward to welcoming you to our exceptional school community.


Iman Kamali Sarvestani, PhD


Laureates Academy for Gifted Students

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Alex Song

Story of a Canadian prodigy

A mathematical prodigy like Zhuo Qun (Alex) Song doesn’t come along every day. But what drove this Canadian mind to pursue his education in the United States during his middle school? Does the current educational system in Canada offer sufficient challenges for the most gifted students?  Delve deeper into Alex’s story and explore the crucial question:  Is Canada equipped to nurture exceptional talent?  Read the full article on our Laureates blog!

Laureates Academy and University of Toronto

Dr. Iman Kamali Sarvestani, Laureates Academy’s esteemed principal, shares a personal and inspiring story in this blog post. Delve into his rewarding reunion with the University of Toronto’s Collaborative Program in Neurosciences (CPIN), and discover how a past dedication to fostering young minds has blossomed into a renewed partnership.  Read on to celebrate Dr. Kamali’s achievements and discover exciting news about her future endeavors in neuroscience education!

Compulsory Education

In 1739, Denmark became the first nation to declare education not a privilege, but a compulsory waltz for all its young minds. Soon, a domino effect swept across Europe and into the eager arms of North America. But with this shift from right to responsibility, a thorny question sprouted: who gets to craft the curriculum, the grand symphony of knowledge our children learn? Should the state be the domineering conductor, or should parents hold the sheet music close, whispering its lessons?  This age-old debate continues to resonate, a discordant note in the otherwise harmonious pursuit of learning. Head over to the Laureates Blog to explore the fascinating melody of this ongoing conversation!

AI vs Gifted Human

Feeling threatened by your toaster’s newfound chess prowess? Worried your cubicle-mate might be a particularly well-dressed Roomba? Fear not, fellow humans!  This blog post explores how the rise of artificial intelligence, while potentially rendering some jobs as obsolete as a rotary phone, might actually benefit the brilliant minds cultivated in gifted education programs.  So, ditch the existential dread and dive in!  Discover how AI could become your personal assistant, not your robotic overlord.  Just remember, while the machines may be learning, it’s the human imagination that will truly reign supreme.