Laureates Academy for Gifted Students Monitoring and Diagnostic Center is responsible for comprehensive Student Monitoring. All Laureates Academy students participate in the program, with a focus on core subjects (Math, Science, English) monitored more rigorously, especially in younger grades. Arts, Sports, and minor courses (Music, Dance, Social Studies, Engineering, Coding) are also monitored to ensure well-rounded development. The monitoring intensity adapts to student age. Younger students are monitored subtly, while high school students are actively involved in understanding their performance data.

The Center utilizes a multifaceted approach that goes beyond standardized tests. Teacher assessments, internal electronic tests, and (when available) standardized test results are all considered, providing a holistic view of student strengths and weaknesses.

The data from monitoring and diagnostics is used to create personalized study plans, ensuring each student receives targeted support and experiences that cater to their unique talents. Parents receive weekly reports on their child’s progress, fostering open communication and collaboration. These reports can be used to identify areas for improvement and involve parents in supporting their child’s learning journey. Monitoring data informs the development of individualized teaching approaches and allows for the evaluation of teacher performance, department effectiveness, and overall school performance.

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