Beyond the Textbook: A Curriculum for Lifelong Learners

Laureates Academy prioritizes identifying each student’s unique talents and areas of giftedness, whether in arts, math, music, or other disciplines. This personalized approach ensures the curriculum caters to their specific strengths.  Based on identified strengths, we design customized learning plans for each student. This departs from a traditional one-size-fits-all model and allows students to progress at their own pace, delving deeper into areas of interest. Our classrooms showcase an “asymmetric structure” where students of the same age can work on different levels of various courses. This caters to the diverse needs and learning paces of gifted students.

Laureates Academy emphasizes teachers who are experts in their fields, possessing knowledge that transcends a single grade level. This allows them to address the advanced inquiries and learning needs of gifted students across different grade levels. The 8:1 student-teacher ratio supports this individualized approach. With fewer students, teachers have more time to dedicate to each student’s specific needs and provide personalized guidance within the differentiated classroom setting.

Our Kindergarten (ages 4-5), Elementary School (Grades 1 to 4) and middle school curricula focus on foundational skills and exploration through core subjects like Math, Science, English Language Arts, Visual Arts, and Sports (all delivered daily). Additionally, five minor courses, Music, Dance, Social Studies, Coding, and Engineering that are offered once a week. This structure provides a strong foundation in core areas while also exposing students to diverse disciplines.

Building on a strong foundation, our High School program (Grades 9-12) seamlessly integrates with the Ontario Ministry of Education’s curriculum framework. Students fulfill the 18 mandatory credits required for graduation, while also enjoying the flexibility to explore their passions through 12 elective credits. This ensures they meet provincial standards while fostering a love of learning in areas of personal interest. However, the Laureates Academy experience goes beyond simply fulfilling these requirements. We enrich the provincial curriculum with our own unique programs and a focus on individualized learning, empowering students to delve deeper and achieve their full potential.

Laureates Academy math curriculum offers two streams: Curricular Math, which aligns with the Ontario curriculum, and Creative Math, which emphasizes problem-solving and fosters creative approaches to mathematics. This caters to students with different learning styles and mathematical strengths. Our science program goes beyond traditional textbook learning and emphasizes experimentation and hands-on activities, fostering a deeper understanding of scientific concepts. Laureates Academy Language Arts curriculum expands beyond traditional language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking, and vocabulary) to encompass media literacy, social media awareness, debating, presentation skills, persuasion techniques, and other valuable soft skills that prepare students for the modern world. Our visual Arts and Sports programs go beyond basic instruction and focus on developing hand-eye coordination, creativity, fitness, and overall well-being.

Laureates Academy curriculum focuses on engaging curiosity. Lessons begin with thought-provoking questions or problems that spark students’ curiosity and motivate them to delve deeper into the topic. Our curriculum also encourages collaborative exploration. Students are encouraged to ask their own questions, share ideas, and discuss findings in small groups. This fosters communication, teamwork, and critical thinking skills. We have a keen interest in evidence-based Learning. Students are challenged to critically evaluate information, assess its reliability, and draw evidence-based conclusions.

The platforms kindergarten, elementary and middle school students use for learning and problem-solving continuously assess their progress, providing teachers with valuable data to tailor instruction and identify areas where students might need additional support. For our high school students, the same type of assessment is used in combination with more formal assessments implemented to adhere to the Ontario Ministry of Education’s guidelines, ensuring students meet graduation requirements.

Although Laureates Academy welcomes students excelling in any discipline, we have traditionally attracted students who excel in mathematics, computer science, science, and English language arts. This has had a strong influence on enriching our curriculum in these fields. After all, stronger students require stronger curricula.

Real-world research is now an integral part of our curriculum. Real-world research provides a unique opportunity for students to collaborate with university professors to generate new scientific content and cutting-edge technology and prepares them for success in higher education and research careers.



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