Secondary Program

Laureates high school program is designed to focus on the very subjects that are best fit for each individual student. Here in Laureates, we maximize the efficiency of secondary education by courses that directly aim at individual students interest and potentials.

Depending on each student’s individual situations, high school student may take 7 or 8 courses each academic year. Of these courses, 4 or 5 are compulsory courses and 3 or 4 elective courses. However, in order to graduate, a student must have completed 18 compulsory and 12 elective courses. In order to learn more about graduation requirements, please visit the graduation requirements page.

The set of courses a student takes in an academic year is decided by him/her, his/her parents/guardians and Laureates Academy educational staff before the academic years starts. Once decided, the course will not change during that academic year.