Laureates Academy runs two programs throughout the academic year: an elementary program (grades 1 to 8), and a secondary program (grades 9 to 12).  Each program has it’s own philosophy and structure. Both programs are designed to serve interests and potentials of individual students. The elementary program is designed to diversify education so that students will explore an amazing  variety of subjects. Through our unique method of funnling courses, we will narrow down these interests as students move to higher grades in elementary school. When they enter high school, they have had enough time, and have tried so many different subjects to have learned what subjects interest them and what subjects they can master. Our secondary program however, is a focus program. In our philosophy of education, high school is where studies should start to get more depth than breadth. Our secondary program concentrates on the subjects that fit each individual student and let students reach the highest mastery in those subjects before they enter college, university or job market. Please feel free to first take a look at our amazing elementary and secondary courses and then read more about elementary and secondary programs we offer.