Prodigy Club

Laureates Prodigy Club is where most talented math and computer science students from all over Canada meet to prepare for different math contests. The club has programs for three different age groups and is designed for students who do math ahead of their class level. The main goal of this club is to encourage students to develop their talents in this field by preparing them for different mathematics and computer science competitions including but not restricted to Stanford University and University of Waterloo contests. Being in a group with other smart students who participate in this course increases students’ interest in learning even more.

The three age categories are:

1- Up to fourth grade
2- Fifth to Eighth grades
3- Ninth to twelfth grades

The group classes are held in two sessions per week, each and a half hourlong. In these sessions, students perform three main activities:

First, the curriculum based math using Ontario curriculum. In this section, each student can do one or more classes ahead of his or her grade.

Second, we will specifically discuss and practice competition topics that are not found in the curriculum.

Third, in addition to mathematics, students will learn computer science and coding with a focus on data science and artificial intelligence.

Registration for this course is done annually. The club costs $ 200 a month. Please contact us for more information about the days and times at: