Our Pedagogic Philosophy

Individual Education

In Laureates Academy, we believe that all individuals have unique set of talents, skills and potentials. Our objective is to discover and realize this unique set together with students and their parents. Classical education systems tend to provide general programs that is taught pretty much to all students. Although in Laureates Academy we appreciate some general topics that are probably needed by all individuals, we strongly reject the idea that all students have the same talents, needs and skills.

Individual education can put a lot of pressure on burdens of governments and that is why public education is leaning towards general education. Private school however, enjoy more flexibility and can run individual study programs. The idea is that students have some shared time to work and play together in teams, socialize and learn fro, each other. But at the same time, they have their very unique set of skills they practice at school. This unique set of skills are probably not shared with any other student at school. Thus, students in Laureates Academy will get a fine balance of both shared and individual times.

Step-wise Education

Another aspect of educational philosophy in Laureates Academy is step-wise education. Almost all education systems in the world accept the fact that a skill cannot be learned unless prerequisite skills are learned. However, the ways different systems treat unlearned skills are different. Traditional method used in public schools and most of private school around the world, assigns a lower mark to a subject if some skills in that subject are not learned. Since passing marks is usually %50, students can pass a course while not having learned a large bulk of the skills.

In Laureates Academy however, we have broken each subject to hundreds of skills and each skill will have to be completely learned and mastered before another skill is built on it. Our teachers make sure that students fully master all prerequisite skills before they start a new one. In fact, individual study plans let students implement this step-wise education.


In Laureates Academy, elementary students are exposed to an immense variety of different subjects and skills from math and science, to arts and crafts, to literature and drama, to history and geography, to technology and coding, to music and dance. Each student takes 9 subjects each year: four mandatory skills, i.e math, science, English and sports, three focus skills from past years and two novel  exploring skills to which they are introduced every year. At the end of the year, students, parents and Laureates Academy educational staff discuss whether to replace some of the three focus subjects with some of exploring subjects or to keep the same suit of focus subjects. The focus subjects may or may not be the same as mandatory ones. In this way, students will have an opportunity to learn new subjects and shape their education path based on their old and new interests.

High School

Using Laureates Academy unique educational system, elementary students will have eight years to get to know and develop their own interests, potentials and skills so that upon entry to high school, they can make a smart choice for their educational and career paths. The high school education is more directed by Ontario Curriculum. However, with the knowledge gained in elementary school, students parents and educational staff will have a better insight over exact stream of subjects to choose.