Mission, Vision and Values



Motivate students to continually flourish, mentor them to stay on track and educate them to be their best selves using both traditional and modern educational tools.




To be a leader in private education by empowering all students to become educated and caring citizens of the world.






To us, excellence is not measured relative to other individuals, but is instead a measure of how much an individual meets his/her own potentials. While maintaining educational standards, we encourage students and teachers to become the best version of themselves.

Creativity and Innovation


We inspire our students to understand the difference between real and imaginary constraints when solving a problem in order to neglect imaginary constraints and challenge the real ones. We also empower staff and students to take initiative and to be innovative leaders.




Analytical Thinking

We teach our students and staff to break down the problems into smaller problems that can be studied easier and more meaningful. In this way, harder and bigger problems are solved brick by brick and step by step.





Engagement and Responsibility

We encourage active participation in all learning and activities by creating an environment that engages students, staff, parents and our community. We are individually and collectively responsible for creating the best possible school community to support the achievement and well-being of all individuals. We are responsible for the delivery of effective and sustainable educational programs.

Team Work and Leadership

Laureates Academy inspires its students and staff to learn how to play effective roles in any position in a team. We encourage students and teachers to practice being both good followers and good leaders. We teach them how to be effective leaders when the situations call for leadership.

Critical Thinking

Laureates Academy encourages students and teachers to question the validity of scientific facts, technological methods, social norms constructs, philosophical schools and aesthetic values all the way down to their roots. We believe that human societies evolve only in light of such a critical approach to the knowledge.


We demonstrate equity and inclusivity in all that we do. We demand an environment in which all students, staff, parents and our community feel valued and have a sense of belonging. Laureates Academy values and treats individuals from all ethnic, age, gender, neurodiversity, mental and physical ability groups equally. We also provide special education and facilities needed for all these groups.