Laureates Academy System

Elementary School

In Laureates Academy for Gifted Students, elementary students are exposed to an immense variety of different subjects and skills from math and science, to arts and crafts, to literature and drama, to history and geography, to technology and coding, to music and dance. Each student takes four mandatory courses, i.e math, science, English and sports as well as one elective course. At the end of the year, students, parents and Laureates Academy educational staff discuss whether to replace the elective course with a new one for next year, or keep the same elective for the next year as well. The elective subjects may or may not be the same as mandatory ones. In this way, students will have an opportunity to learn new subjects and shape their education path based on their old and new interests.


Secondary School

Using Laureates Academy for Gifted Students unique educational system, elementary students will have eight years to get to know and develop their own interests, potentials and skills so that upon entry to high school, they can make a smart choice for their educational and career paths. The high school education is more directed by Ontario Curriculum. However, with the knowledge gained in elementary school, students parents and educational staff will have a better insight over exact stream of subjects to choose.

Our high school system is focused on the very interests and potentials of each individual student to maximize his/her educational efficiency.