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Laureates Academy for Gifted Students math and computing club offers extracurricular after hours classes for kids who are interested in mathematics, computing and coding both online and in-person. Being an official school in Greater Toronto Area, Laureates Academy for Gifted Students provides most exciting programs that attract all sorts of students in different grades. Our results speak on themselves. Our students have shown extraordinary performance on international and national math and computer competitions: A grade one student who gets the highest grade in a grade 6 challenge, a grade two student who gets a perfect score on a grade 8 contest or a grade 7 student who scores 95% in a grade 10 competition are just among tens of our students  who go well beyond their age limits.

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Annual tuition fee (90 sessions per year) is $2400. In order to arrange a free trial class and reserve your spot on our list, please fill in the contact form above, and one of our educational counsellors will contact you shortly.