International Students

Laureates Academy for Gifted Students offers the highest quality transformative education to its students. We offer a rolling admissions plan for the whole academic year but students who enroll in the middle of the school year are given additional assessments and individual classes to catch up with the rest of the class. In order to apply to laureates academy please follow the step below:

1_ Explore Laureates Academy:

Before you start an application, we encourage you to learn more about our elementary and secondary programs or arrange a school tour to get a feel for Laureates.

2_ Check fees, scholarships and financial aids:

Please check the tuition fee and financial aids plans in Laureates Academy for Gifted Students. You are welcome to contact us via phone or email. You can also arrange a school tour and ask your questions in person.


3 – Check general information and latest updates regarding Canadian visa and Study Permit on Immigration and Citizenship Canada’s website given below:


4 – Apply Online:

To start your application for entry in any academic year, you must fill in the application form. Please ensure that when you fill the form, you use the candidate’s legal name as it appears on his/her birth certificate or passport. Please allow 30 minutes to an hour in total to complete the form. Once all form fields are complete and the form is submitted, the application information cannot be edited. Next, attach clear scanned versions of Birth Verification and Final Report Cards in pdf format. All documents must be sent via email to:

Please allow two days for processing the application form and payment. The application fee schedule is $250 for elementary and secondary school applications.


5 – Await Your Interview:

Upon receipt of all required documents, selected candidates will be contacted to arrange an interview. Interviews take place in a week following your application. The interview is about 30 minutes in total. Before spending time with the applicant, one of our Admission Counsellors will meet briefly with parents. While this is happening, the applicant will be asked to answer a few assessment questions. After the Admission Counsellor has met with the parents, he/she will interview the applicant. During the applicant interview, the student will be asked to read a short piece while the remainder of the time is a relaxed conversation where they are encouraged to share information about themselves and get to know us. The interview is meant to give insight into the applicant and family’s personalities, interests and values. It is also an opportunity for parents to gain a deeper insight into who we are and what we do at Laureates Academy for Gifted Students. We require at least one parent to participate in the interview process. If the parent(s) cannot participate in the interview in English, please advise the Office of Admission during interview scheduling.

6 – Pay your tuition fee

Although Laureates Academy for Gifted Students accepts a variety of payment schedules, Canadian embassies across the globe usually require payment of a full year tuition fee in advance to processing your Canadian visa and Study Permit. Laureates Academy for Gifted Students does not mandate a full year tuition fee payment but encourages you to do so in order to maximize your chances of receiving your Canadian visa and Study Permit. In any case, we will issue the receipt of your payment according to the amount you pay. You will need this receipt and your admissions letter as part of your Canadian visa and Study Permit application. In case your Canadian visa and study permit application is rejected, the tuition fee will be refunded back to you, but an application fee of $250 will be deducted.


7 – Receive your Decision

Admission decisions will be sent at most two weeks before start of the semester you applied for. The admissions package includes the admission letter and the tuition fee receipt.


Step 8 – Apply for your Canadian visa and Study Permit

You need to visit Immigration and Citizenship Canada website to upload your documents and apply for your visa and study permit. Here is the link to IRCC website:


Please note that Laureates Academy for Gifted Students does not have resident immigration lawyers nor can provide legal counselling for students, but we do have a list of trusted immigration lawyers, paralegals and consultants who have successfully worked on study permit cases for our actual international students that we can share with you as well.