If you are leaving your child for the first time, you have found the right place. Our small group size at Laureates Academy for Gifted and Talented Education helps you to form trustworthy relationships with our team. The educators design and follow your child’s daily schedule so we know when he or she needs to take a nap, eat, play or do something quiet. We collaborate closely with you in order to fully comprehend your needs and include them in your kid’s schedule. Our programs at Laureates are designed to optimize learning and engagement for children of all ages. Our small group size helps infants to acquire important life skills at their own pace while still learning in a group setting, helping them to develop important communication and social skills. Our team is carefully selected to ensure your child’s healthy growth. They work nonstop throughout the day to meet all of your child’s needs. Our school located in the heart of Richmond Hill is a 15,000 sqf property giving kids a lot of space to play around.

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