Laureates Fractal Contest 2020

Fractals are amazing complex shapes in which small parts of the shape resemble the whole in a recursive way i.e. smaller parts of the small part are also similar to the small part which is in turn similar to the big shape. In other words, a basic pattern keeps repeating itself in many (literally infinite) different levels.

This structural repetitions in all levels, usually makes fascinating shapes that are not only aesthetically charming, but are show the basis of how nature organizes itself. The complexity observed in nature often arises from repetition of a very simple algorithm such as the ones shown in this video:


Laureates Academy Fractal Contest is an annual contest in which students from grade 1 to 12 (6 to 18 years old) can generate fractals using computer codes or a variety of physical materials and media. They can also express their thoughts and feelings by painting, sculpture, poetry and literature.

If you, or your child are interested in learning more about these magnificent shapes and how they make the basis of life,

If you or your child are interested in finding out how simplest instructions can generate most complex structures,

If you want to know how fractals shape our modern technology,

and prior to all if you or your child want to create such beauty or express your thoughts about them,

you are welcome to attend our 2020 Fractal Contest. This contest is absolutely free, but you need to have your own material and technology to build the fractals.

The contest will be in three different field:

  • generating fractals using computer codes
  • generating fractals using physical media
  • arts and literature about fractals

The contest will also be held in three different age groups:

  • 6 to 9 years old
  • 10 to 13 years old
  • 14 to 18 years old

The contestants can come from any country. All contestants will receive Laureates Academy certificate of attendance and the winners in each of the 9 groups will receive $200 Laureates Academy credits*. 

All contestants have to fill in the application form and await a confirmation email from Laureates Academy in 2 days. A Zoom meeting is organized on August 25 to learn more about this contest and introduce the rules to the contestants. Additional workshops will also be given to each of the 9 groups to provide basic knowledge and skills needed to enter the contest. You or your child may learn or improve your programming skills in Python, or can learn about the math behind fractals or figure out how fractals equally shape our nature and technology. and it is all for free. 

Stay safe, and looking forward to meeting you in 2020 Laureates Fractal Contest!


* Laureates Academy credits can work towards any service provided by this school, but cannot be used in other businesses.