Financial Aids

Referral and Siblings Discount


Each student, parent or guardian can refer other students to register with Laureates Academy. We will grant %5 of base tuition fee (per referred student) as discount. Siblings studying in Laureates Academy will be considered as referral students.


Need-Based Financial Aids


In Laureates Academy, we want our amazing educational system to be given equally to different social groups while preserving their dignity. Families with financial needs are welcome to apply to our school. Our doors are open to all families with all financial levels. Families who may need need-based financial aids should write directly to school principal Dr. Kamali at the following address to discuss the case:

All applications for need-based financial aids will remain absolutely confidential between the principal and parents. The student and school staff (except for the accountant) will never be informed about amount of financial aids a family may receive.