Elementary Program

Laureates Academy elementary program is an extremely diverse program because our elementary school educational philosophy is based on diversification of subjects and skills. We believe that elementary school is meant to provide a vast variety of subjects to students so that they will find their own interests, potentials and actual skills. During the elementary years, our students narrow down their interests so that before starting high school, they are very well aware of their real interests and strengths.

Students and their parents help shape the individual program for each and every individual student before the school year starts. Each student should take 4 mandatory courses, 3 focus courses and 2 exploring courses.

Mandatory Courses

Mathematics, Science, English and Sports are the four subjects that are taken by all elementary students in all grades. Although the pace of education may be different for different students, they all need to learn the basic skills in these four subjects.

Focus courses

These courses are elective courses that are characteristics of each and every student. Each individual student may have, and in most cases does have, a different set of focus courses because he/she is simply different from his/her classmates. Students, parents/guardians and school educational staff carefully choose these courses based on three factors: Student’s interests, student’s potentials and actual outcome skills. A student may be interested in a certain subject, but in reality may not be able to learn the skills for mastering that subject. That is why choosing proper focus courses is a process to be done with special care. Focus courses are Laureates Academy’s main tool in individual study planning.

Candidate Courses

Although choosing the right focus course for each student is done with a lot of effort and care, there is still a chance that student, his/her parents/guardians and our educational staff may miss the right subject for the student in a certain school year. In order to give flexibility to this process, candidate courses are included in all elementary years. These are elective courses that students take beside their focus courses. In the beginning of the academic year, students will have the opportunity to substitute one or two of their focus courses to one or two of the candidate courses they took in the previous year. The process continues each year, until in grade eight, students will clearly know what subjects they like to learn, what subjects they are capable of mastering. Even if students do not decide to change their focus courses, it is often fun to have a couple of interesting courses learned beside one’s focus subjects. The candidate courses are Laureates academy’s main tool for diversifying education, which in turn leads to proper individual education plan.