Elementary Game Designing


This inspiring course teaches students to design and implement computer and video games. The coding activities build and reinforce STEM skills in geometry, art, math, and science. Students will learn fundamentals of rule extraction, game behavior analysis, scene and scenery design, 3D modelling, dynamics of moving objects, methods of animation as well as advanced coding techniques in Python. Elementary Game Design course will enable students to develop computer and video games from scratch and prepares them to study/work in the fascinating world of game industry.

The course is offered from grade 4 to grade 8. The knowledge and skills learned will increase in each grade and so does the complexity of games developed.

Recommended Accessories: This course requires a physical drone and a tablet (both provided by school). Once students complete each lesson, they need a tablet to try out the programs they build to control the drone. Tablets and drones may be shared between all students in a classroom and take turns flying the drone.