Grade 10 Career Studies


GRADE: 10 (Open)

AVAILABILITY: Full-time, Part-time, Private and Online

Grade 10 Career Studies teaches students how to develop and achieve personal goals for future learning, work, and community involvement. Students will assess their interests, skills, and characteristics and investigate current economic and workplace trends, work opportunities, and ways to search for work. Grade 10 Career Studies explores postsecondary learning and career options, prepares students for managing work and life transitions, and helps students focus on their goals through the development of a career plan.


Seeking Personal Knowledge

Essential Question: What are some of my strengths and challenges?

  • In this unit, students will use a variety of assessment tools to produce a personal profile that describes their current interests, skills, competencies, accomplishments, and characteristics, and identify occupations that are suited to their personal profile.


Exploring Opportunities

Essential Question: What are the post-secondary opportunities that are suitable to me?

  • In this unit, students will explore current economic and societal trends and opportunities in order to assist them in making more informed career/life choices. By examining concepts of success, students will develop an understanding and examine it in the context of their own lives. Students will begin to articulate how their special interests direct their career/life decisions. This unit sets the stage for students to navigate a changing world and to recognize that a career is not just an occupational destination but a lifelong journey.


What Is My Plan for the Future?

Essential Question: How can I adapt myself to a changing world? How can I prepare myself for my post-secondary life?

  • In this unit, students will relate what they have learned about themselves, the world of work, and community involvement to options for present and future opportunities. They will hypothesize how societal and economic trends may affect them and influence their choices. They will begin to construct a road map- goal setting for their own personal “success” destination. Through the application of the decision-making model, they will develop action plans.


30% of Final Grade

  • This project is the final evaluation of this course. This project will worth 30% of the final grade.