Grade 12 Business Management


GRADE: 12 (University/College)

AVAILABILITY: Full-time, Part time, Private and Online

Grade 12 Business Management focuses on the development of leadership skills used in managing a successful business. Students will analyze the role of a leader in business, with a focus on decision making, management of group dynamics, workplace stress and conflict, the motivation of employees, and planning. In Grade 12 Business Management, effective business communication skills, ethics, and social responsibility are also emphasized.


Foundations of Management

Essential Question: What are the roles and responsibilities of management as it relates to social, ethical, and organizational considerations?

  • In this unit, students will assess the role of management within an organization and learn to demonstrate the use of appropriate communication techniques related to business management. Students will evaluate the impact of issues related to ethics and social responsibility on the management of organizations.



Essential Question: What are leadership strategies and considerations to enhance the workplace?

  • In this unit, students will apply an understanding of human behaviour to explain how individuals and groups function in the workplace. Students will gain an understanding of group dynamics and of proper leadership techniques in a variety of situations.


Management Challenges

Essential Question: What are the management strategies and considerations to operate in a business environment?

  • In this unit, students will gain an understanding of the communication process within the workplace and evaluate the strategies used by individuals and organizations to manage stress and conflict. Students will compare theories of how to motivate individuals and teams in a productive work environment.


Planning and Controlling

Essential Question: What is the role of strategic planning and how can it enhance the success of an organization?

  • In this unit, students will analyze the importance of planning to the success of an organization and gain an understanding of appropriate planning tools and planning techniques in a variety of situations. Students will analyze the relationship between strategic planning and the success of an organization as well as how companies respond to internal and external pressures for change. Students will also assess the importance of control in management.



Essential Question: What are the various organizational structures, and how can they be utilized in a way to operate a successful organization?

  • In this unit, students will gain an understanding of the various organizational structures used to manage the workforce effectively. Students will assess the ways in which organizational structures have changed to adapt to the changing nature of work and evaluate the role of human resources within an organization.


10% of Final Grade

  • This project is one of the final evaluations of this course. This project will be worth 10% of the final grade.


Proctored Exam20% of Final Grade

  • This exam is the final evaluation of this course. Students need to arrange their final exam 10 days in advance. All coursework should be completed and submitted before writing the final exam, please be advised that once the exam is written, any outstanding coursework will be given a grade of zero. The exam will be two hours.