One in 80 of the general population are considered to belong to the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Around 50,000 students in Greater Toronto Area are believed to fall in this spectrum. Having a neuroscientist as the principal, Laureates Academy offers the most scientific professional approach to educating ASD students. The general plan is to provide peaceful stress-free and noise-free educational environment where all procedures are broken down to simplest verbal and visual instructions for these students in earlier years. Our qualified instructors discover each student’s unique set of positive reinforcers and use those to reward the desired behaviors. We make sure that ASD students schedule is designed using their own preferences and that this schedule will not be changed unless carefully and patiently instructed well in advance. ASD students will have a lot of opportunities to interact with other kids of their own age to practice the social skills taught to them by our team.

Our school works very closely with parents and especially with kids’ personal therapists in finding proper set of reinforcers, attitudes, behaviors and appropriate environmental factors that each autistic student possesses. We believe that given their long time spending with autistic kids, parents and therapists know the details of how best teachers can train these students. We also offer a large set of electronic gadgets specialized for learning in ASD students. Our Evidence-Based Therapy gadgets can be used anywhere and anytime to teach ADS students the speech, reading, language, life skills, and social skills we use in our daily interactions with others.

In final years of high school, when students are closer to leaving the caring atmosphere of Laureates Academy into the “wild unknown” world around, our teachers and staff work on increasing independence of ASD students, especially in social tasks. These students will learn how to interact with a society that is not only new to them, but also keeps changing each and every second.