Agency Questions

Here are frequently asked questions about becoming a recruiting agent for Laureates Academy for Gifted Students:

Question 1_ Where is Laureates Academy located?

We are located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Richmond Hill is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Greater Toronto Area. We are at the heart of this beautiful neighborhood that hosts thousands of people with very diverse backgrounds. People in Richmond Hill come from all sorts of ethnicities, Chinese, Iranians, Russians, Italians, Indians, British, Scotish, Dutch, Koreans, and literally from whatever ethnicity one may think of.

Question 2_ What is the postal address of the school?

Our postal address is:

8 Weldrick Road, West, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, L4C 3T8


Question 3_ How can I contact school regarding agency issues?

We can be reached either via our human resources department email:

Or through our phone line: +1(647)455-2606

The phone line is also using Whatsapp and Telegram. In case you are using those messaging services, you can contact us on those platforms as well.

Question 4_ Where do Laureates Academy for Gifted Students come from?

We have both domestic (Canadian) students and international students. Our local students usually come from Richmond Hill, or neighborhoods nearby such as Markham, Vaughan, Thornhill, Aurora, New Market and North York. But there are no geographical limitations and we have students pretty much from all over Greater Toronto Area.

Our international students come from many different countries, mostly from China, Iran, Korea, India, Brazil and Mexico. However, we have international students from many other countries of the world as well.

Question 5_ Students of what ages and grades can apply as Laureates Academy students?

Our school has daycare(0 to 4 years old), kindergarten(4 to 6 years old), elementary(6 to 14 years old), and high school(14 to 18 years old). Therefore, pretty much students of all ages and grades can apply. However, international students of age 4 and higher, have a better chance of getting their Canadian visa and study permit.

Question 6_ What do students learn at Laureates Academy for Gifted Students?

Laureates Academy for Gifted Students covers the entire official curriculum of  Ontario Ministry of Education and offers Ontario Secondary School Diploma upon graduation of its students in grade 12. However, we go much beyond the Ontario curriculum. We offer a program that encompasses a very rich curriculum plus unique sports, arts, music, drama and other subject interwoven into it. You can visit these links for a list of our elementary and high school courses.

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