Thank you for your interest in Laureates Academy for Gifted Students. Our school offer rolling admissions for domestic and international students from junior kindergarten (4 years old) to grade 12 (18 years old). In Laureates Academy for Gifted Students, students will be challenged and guided by extraordinary award-winning teachers, and join a diverse community of exceptionally talented students to learn from, grow with, and become socially responsible global citizens together.

For admission to Math Club, Summer Camps , March Camps and After School programs, please visit the links.

Domestic Students


Canadian citizens, permanent residents or students whose parents have a valid study permit or work permit are considered domestic students. Being identified as intellectually gifted is neither necessary nor sufficient for admissions in Laureates Academy for Gifted Students. Instead, we believe each student is gifted in their own ways. It is the school’s responsibility to help students and their parents discover students’ gifts​ and guide them realize their potentials. If your child has been identified as intellectually gifted, we recommend you include your official test results in your application documents, but there will be an internal assessment done by Laureates Academy for Gifted Students with or without an official psychoeducational assessment result. Upon submission, your application will be reviewed and a representative from Laureates Academy for Gifted Students will contact you to arrange an internal assessment. The most important part of this process is determining a fit. No single learning environment is right for everyone. Assessing the suitability of Laureates Academy for your child’s learning style will be the key to their success. Please visit our domestic students application process to learn more about the steps required to reserve your spot for the upcoming school year.

International Students


Students from all over the world can apply to study in Laureates Academy for Gifted Students. International students require Canadian visa and study permit to study in Canada. Therefore, their admission process is different from students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Our international students come from a variety of countries around the globe to enjoy highest quality of education delivered in Canada. Canadian visa and study permit processes may take several months depending on country of origin, and specific details of each individual application. Although Laureates Academy for Gifted Students provides students with their admission letters and tuition fee receipts in the shortest time possible, we encourage our international applicant to submit their applications as soon as possible to reserve their spot for upcoming academic year.  Please visit our international admissions pages to learn about the process and documents required.

To learn about our tuition fees, scholarships and financial aids, you are welcome to visit the corresponding pages.