Attention Deficit (AD) and Hyperactivity Disorder (HD) are considered two different categories sometimes combined in ADHD kids. It is estimated that one out of twelve students in Ontario fall in ADHD category. Thus around 450,000 students in Ontario require special education for this condition. Having a neuroscientist as our principal, Laureates Academy offers the most scientific professional approach to ADHD kids education. Our experienced teachers make sure that all instructions are given concisely in both oral and written form and are repeated by other students a few times. They also use timers to help with transitions and organizations. A very clear rule set and precise plan of reward and consequences are made and ADHD students are seated near students who carefully follow the instructions. Our teachers use a variety of non-verbal cues to get students attentions. Finally, appropriate and sufficient time is given to ADHD students during quizzes, tests and exams.