About Laureates

Laureates Academy is a private co-ed school for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Founded in 2020, the school is a modern educational environment located in Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, and focuses on science, math, arts, crafts and sports. Ontario Ministry of Education has validated our school and our next inspection is scheduled for October 2021. Laureates Academy operates under Ontario Ministry of Education ID number (BSID) 881826. We are located at 8 Weldrick Road West in the heart of Richmond Hill, Ontario, one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the Greater Toronto Area.

We provide a multi-faceted education based on high academic standards and extensive co-curricular opportunities. Boarding is available, but not mandatory for local and international students. List of our amazing elementary courses encompasses an extraordinarily diverse variety from deep math and science to drone programming and virtual reality and from chess and carpentry to magic and card games. Our high school courses  on the other hand, are focused on preparing students for any prospective academic or job opportunities. Laureates Academy features an inspiring and supportive learning environment based on individual and differentiated learning that is tailored to needs of each and every student.

We also implement stepwise learning in which our teachers make sure that prerequisites of a certain skill are mastered before that skill is taught to a student. This arguably unique educational system that combines individual learning and stepwise learning, finds the exact skills to be mastered by each student separately so that the pace of education matches that of the student. While students are taught on their personal schedule, they have many chance to collaborate with their classmates on a variety of projects and play with them in many different games. This system of education induces self-confidence, leadership and teamwork.

Our principal, Dr. Kamali is a renowned scientist who has been on the editorial board of several scientific journals including the prestigious journal “Frontiers in Neuroscience”. Being a neuroscientist, he is an expert in neural bases of learning mechanisms in the brain and related mental health issues. Please visit the following link as an example of his scholarly activities as a brain scientist:


We have the knowledge and skills to provide our students with transformational learning experiences as we encourage them to be their best selves. The Laureates Academy education provides an extraordinary opportunity and paves the way for future success, thus setting the stage for a lifetime of discovery and learning. We teach our students the skills to think creatively, to learn, to question, to analyze, to assess and to apply their knowledge to solve real world problems. Beyond all, Laureates students discover themselves and the possibilities in the world around them.